Die Geschichte von Max Kupetz und seiner Shisha Turbine
The story of Max Kupetz and his Shisha Turbine

The Shisha-TurbineĀ® was created in a garage near Munich. Everyone knows these problems with "igniting shisha charcoal"... blowing the fuse, trouble with parents, wife or girlfriend... who are afraid that the house or apartment could be on fire at any second. It was the same for me and my parents. One day my father came to me and gave me a choice. Either I stop smoking shisha or I think of something safer and more innovative. The safe, fast and at the same time more even lighting of shisha charcoal should be guaranteed. So of course there was only one possibility. Something clever has to happen. No longer hotplates and the like without safety standards and certificates, but a product according to German standards, Made in Germany/Bavaria. So at first I and a little later my father tinkered with a high-end charcoal lighter in our garage. Startup was in 2013. First prototypes were built, tested and further developed weekly. A new charcoal lighter was born, which is a world first and was patented. Design and trademark protection followed. In 2015 we presented this innovative high-end device at the Shisha fair in Frankfurt. We didn't have to wait long for the first potential buyers. Since then we have had many customers who have been very satisfied with our product for a long time and recommend us to others. Shisha-TurbineĀ® information and publications are widely distributed and can be pulled and liked on YouTube, Google and Facebook. From the very beginning, our intention was and is to make smoking shisha safer and at the same time to make this hobby even more fun and enjoyable. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in us and our product, the Shisha-TurbineĀ®.