BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle Rost
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BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle Rost: ein innovatives Grillzubehör
BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle Rost: ein innovatives Grillzubehör
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BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle Rost

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The BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle Grateis an innovative grilling accessory that takes your grilling experience to a new level. This unique product combines the advantages of a traditional grill grate with integrated turbine technology that ensures even heat distribution and an intense roasting aroma.

Turbine technology for perfect grilling

In the core of the BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle grate has a powerful turbine that is powered by the heat of the grill. This turbine creates a continuous air flow that fans the embers evenly and ensures optimal heat distribution across the entire grill surface. This means your food will be cooked evenly and will have a crispy, aromatic crust.

High quality material for long lasting performance

The BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle grate is made of high quality, rust-proof stainless steel which ensures durability and easy cleaning. The robust construction and precise workmanship ensure that your grill accessories will function reliably for years and provide you with countless delicious barbecue evenings.

Versatile for different types of grilling

No matter whether you want to grill meat, fish, vegetables or other delicacies, the BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle grate is suitable for all types of grills. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution and the intense roasted aroma, you give your dishes an incomparable taste explosion. With the BBQ-Turbine® | Sizzle grate takes your grilling experience to a new level and turns every time you light the grill into a culinary highlight. Invest in this innovative grilling accessory and enjoy perfectly cooked, flavorful food like never before.

For retrofitting to your turbine®

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BBQ-Turbine®| Flambrero incl. charcoal plate:

Made of the highest quality stainless steel


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