Shisha-Turbine® BOOSTER
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Shisha-Turbine® BOOSTER


Our latest innovation

Shisha-Turbine® BOOSTER

Suitable for every Shisha-Turbine® (except mini)

With this great attachment, your charcoal is ready in no time and with less energy!

The special are the  Flaps´s  these cause the air flow to be deflected.

This gives the charcoal real heat from above.

The best result you get with our Shisha-Turbine NeXt

All WITHOUT TURNS the coal.

This is a WORLD FIRST! -> and of course this new principle is patented.


  • Coals no longer have to be turned
  • 2-3 min time saving
  • High sustainability through recycling of energy (Flap's)
  • High gloss stainless steel
  • Space Optics
  • No more problems with Asche Flug if you use cheap coal
  • Patented

Turning coal was YESTERDAY